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Prairie Livestock Supply, Worthington, MN, offers a full range of livestock supplies, nutritional programs, and health and production management consultation. Our experienced sales team and affiliation with the Veterinary Medical Center of Worthington give us the knowledge and contacts to guide you in the right direction. We service what we sell, and offer free delivery to most areas.We specialize in Beef & Dairy, Bovine, Ovine, and Equine care.

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Latest News

Feb 2017

Cattlemen to Cattlemen with Dr. Dorcey

By Brian Grimord

Click the link below to watch Dr. Brian Dorcey's feature on NCBA's Cattlemen to Cattlemen episode! Read More

Feb 2017

Management Tip of the Month: Calf Raising by Dan Bakker, Dairy Production Specialist

By Adrian VMC

Raising baby calves can be a very rewarding job but it can also be very frustrating. It does not always need to be difficult, however I think every calf raising program has had its challenges at some point. There are many different housing and grouping systems that are successfully raising calves. I believe that the following items are key to having a consistently successful program: Read More

Feb 2017

The Dairy Cow Workaholic

By Dr. Sara Barber

Dr. Nigel Cook from the University of Wisconsin describes the dairy cow as a workaholic because she spends her adult life functioning at 3x her maintenance energy cost. Humans would only accomplish this with extensive exercise like jogging six or more hours per day. Since these hard-working cows put my exercise and energy needs to shame, let’s look at what she needs during the day to be successful. Read More

Feb 2017

VMC Dairy Calf School

By Dr. Erika Nagorske

The VMC is excited to announce their first Calf School coming up March 8 & 9th. As a clinic, we have noticed there is a lack of calf management education available to our producers and we would like to bring that to our clients. The Calf School will consist of two days hosted by Dr. Barber, Dan and I. There will be both English and Spanish sessions available. Read More

Dec 2016

Dairy Calf Winter Management

By Dr. Erika Nagorske

Although it hasn’t felt like it for long, winter is finally here to stay. As colder
temperatures approach, we need to keep in mind management changes for our
baby calves. Energy requirements increase for calves starting at 50°F. If we do not
offset the increased energy requirement, they begin using their milk/feed intake to
keep warm, instead of to grow and stay healthy. Below are a few recommendations
we have to help with the increased energy requirement calves face during winter. Read More