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Prairie Livestock Supply, Worthington, MN, offers a full range of livestock supplies, nutritional programs, and health and production management consultation. Our experienced sales team and affiliation with the Veterinary Medical Center of Worthington give us the knowledge and contacts to guide you in the right direction. We service what we sell, and offer free delivery to most areas.We specialize in Beef & Dairy, Bovine, Ovine, and Equine care.

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Latest News

Jun 2016

The Dog Days of Summer

By Dr. Sara Barber

As the temperatures warm up, there are several issues that come up every year that I want to remind everyone of. Read More

Apr 2016

Beyond Energy Corrected Milk

By Dr. Sara Barber

The day before the Central Plains Dairy Expo, I attended a Zoetis Dairy Wellness Meeting. I listened to Dr. Mike Lormore discuss the topic “What drives financial success on dairies?”. The answer we all expect to hear is energy corrected milk and maximizing marginal milk. The fun and exciting part of that talk were the factors that affect net farm income that I was not expecting to hear. Read More

Mar 2016

Hairy Heel Warts: Fact or Fiction?

By Dr. Sara Barber

As we welcome spring, we also welcome the hairy heel warts that have flared up over the winter. The increased incidence is often because farms were not able to run a footpath as consistently as they would like to through the winter months. This month I want to clarify a few comments that I hear in the country regarding hairy heel warts. Read More

Dec 2015

In The Calf World, Some "Waste" is OK.

By Dr. Amber Hazel

If you’re like every other producer I know, efficiency and low waste is something we all aim for on the farm. We all want to get the best bang for our buck. However, there are a few instances in the calf world that throwing things away is OK and encouraged. I’ve highlighted those below. Read More